I need to bring in to your attention that I had signed a co-working space with Regus Bangalore in August 2019 for my one man startup. However, it wasn’t a financially viable proposition for me, so on January 5th 2020, I requested the customer service representative to help me come out of the arrangement. Again on 15th January 2020, I followed up but without any resolution. I was traveling to USA to scout out for opportunities but nothing worked for me. I sent in a formal notice of termination of contract as it was financially not possible for me to carry on. I received the acceptance of the same termination immediately but the date of termination was mentioned as end of the original contract. I had already paid up till March – April 2020 besides 2 months security deposit. I have received a message yesterday regarding debt recovery from an agent, which is quite unprofessional as Regus fails to accept the situation of a one man startup. I am writing to you with a request to help me sort this out amicably, as I can’t be coerced to pay up for the period, I didn’t use the facility and a formal notice of termination was also served. Sateesh Chandra, [protected], Bangalore, India

Found At: Regus – Contract agreement for co-working space at egl – spaces bangalore

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