My company, Account number: 9422072, enrolled in an agreement on December 27, 2018 for the 2019 year (01/01/2019 to 12/31/2019). At the end of the year, we cancelled our agreement with them and one of their employees (after conferring with his bosses) waived the 90-day cancellation rule for the renewal and canceled it for us, or so we thought. However, we were charged for January 2020 and February 2020. By then, I called Regus and asked them why we were being charged. They asked me for email proof that our contract had been cancelled which we provided. However, after multiple calls to the headquarters and our local office in Silver Spring, MD, Regus went back on their agreement to cancel our renewal and continued charging us even though we never again utilized any of their services. Our account has currently been sent to a collections agency as we refuse to pay for a service we did not receive. I would like for Regus to take our account out of collections and do away with any outstanding payments for the year 2020.

Found At: Regus – Virtual office contract

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