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We just moved in a house 2 weeks ago and noticed that the hot water heater is rented by reliance. We have no contract or agreement with reliance so considered to buyout. After we talked to three reliance’s representatives they told us with total cost of $1649. (hot water tank 1410 + setup 35 + 2 weeks fee + all hst)

This large amount is more than that of buying a brand new one, yet reliance told us there’s no warranty.

1. The water heater is 4 years old, installed and used by ex-home owner since jun2012. Right now, a brand new one with the same model is 1300~1409 plus hst, while reliance’s bill is 1445+hst. Renodepot has 2 for 1409+hst at

2. 35+hst of an account setup fee is also included in the buyout cost, the representative told us, but we don’t quite understand as we never asked them to open an account, however, the representative was not willing to explain this charge further;

3. Even with the total cost of 1649, there’s no any warranty or coverage for this equipment.

When asking the representative more questions, representatives were extremely impatient and were not willing to explain the detailed charges of the bill. They just simply repeating the whole number (1649) again and again.


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