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I had bought two new hedge clippers from Rent one In Gardendale. I took both hedgers to get the blades sharpened at Rent One. I asked about the charge and was quoted a ten dollar charge for each hedger. the first problem is that the company took over a week just to sharpen the teeth, and then only had done one. They kept the second hedge another week.
The second problem was the charge. I was quoted a ten dollar charge to sharpen, but the bill was 52.50 for each hedger. Bait and switch! I complained, but they had my hedges. So I had to pay. Lousy way to treat a customer, and I will not go back. You can not trust any quote and I would suggest that you get it in writing if possible. Best to go to the other store in Vestavia for the Stihl products. The store in Gardendale has lost a customer who has been doing business with them for years. Just did not seem to care one or the other.

M Wayne Wheeler

Found At: Rent One – Bad service

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