United Medical Center - negligence

Called repozone for a private party vehicle repo and spoke to the rudest unhappy person named Scott. I have never delt with a company that would treat a potential customer with such lack of respect and unwillingness to work with. I had a question about the contract and asked for a rough total estimated cost of the repo, at this time he notified me he would no longer be willing to work with me because I am questioning him? I am grateful I did not use his service as I could only imagine the nightmare that would have been. I contacted the better business Bureau and they could find any information on them. I couldn’t find a physical address nor would they provide one when I asked. There are many complaints about them I couldn’t find one possible review. I wanted to file a complaint so I called all numbers provided and Scott answered every time. Don’t be fooled by the website as they claim to be international when they are probably working out of a hotel room somewhere. I would advise is to STAY AWAY smells like SCAM to me.

Found At: Repozone – Vehicle repo

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