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Yes claim # 158025 was asked to send as many invoices for my stolen goods, which I did only to be told I was only getting what police assumed payout should be and not seeing my invoices. Waste of time collecting all old receipts and invoices if determined by what police says things are valued at. My clothes and 4 pieces of luggage worth at least 1000. My box of 22 pair of shoes worth at least 600. 3 pairs purchased just this year 2021.250.00. What depreciation. Incident occurred between 05/29/21 -06/21/2021. Burglary 2 of storage unit in uhaul if Bricktown.. not to mention my toaster oven, my 22 inch insignua now up in value if replaced, antenna, heater, humidifier, coffee maker, headphones, bluetooth speaker, apple I pod touch 4th generation. Blankets, throws, comfier, supplements ×10 bottles. Bathroom box. Kirchen box pantry box jewelry (insurance does not cover jewelry) (also do not cover theft) only burglary. if proven. Important legal documents (identity theft) 2 more bags a duffle bag full of tools/ work gloves/ vest/ safety glasses. Power outlets ×2. A carry on bag full of work socks, diabetes socks, dress socks, footies mostly new. All appliances speakers tv in original boxes. except toaster oven and coffee maker. All shoes name Brand. expensive work shoes from artiats, timberland pros ×2, keens, solomons ×2 k dog’s basketball and Adidas, Nike, under armour, 2 pair casual boots 3 pair casual shoes. Winter coat, hats gloves hats, visors hand bags backpack, and the list goes on. Large 30 gallon tote. Large hospital issued blue laundry bag. Happy proven burglary so started a claim. Both uhaul and repwest representatives were uncaring, rude, down right no compassion. So trying to get the started paid claim if a mere 694.00 minus 100 deductible. Supposedly to be deposited to me thru zelle. on 07/23/2021. After my loss pain and suffering and being without most my possessions just for basic survival. The payment gets rejected. calling all morning to figure who is to blame my bank, zelle, or the sender Repwest. Yes and guess who is to blame repwest. Haven’t I suffered enough. Although offering to send paper check to physical address uncertified. Don’t trust that option when zelle, safest, secure and fastest way to send. So they stop answering their phones after they stated they would call me back after lunch. Every person speaking with rude, unknowable, unprofessional, uncaring. Now understanding the 2 star rating. And my sole adj6ster very rude, cold, lacking customer service skills. Kathy curtis. Called back after recieving a voice mail and extensions # to return call. Called her back and she stated it was not her. so how did I get your extensions kathy. name left on voicemail. Even Dan Rouge in beginning stages before claim. Speaking to me angrily as though I was the thief if my own goods. It’s like wow what an experience and ordeal and people should know and never be treated like this again. No better to do better. Get out if the crooked insurance business if it makes you act and perform that way knowing you are not being honest for must part. And you don’t sleep well. Vengeance is mine said the lord!

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