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There is probably nothing more sad, and more revealing to a patient, than a doctor who bullies in response to patient feedback. Who would want medical services from a doctor like that? I don’t appear to be the only unhappy patient of Dr Robert Kotler in Beverly Hills, but according to Dr Kotler, patients are not allowed to submit any feedback that is not promotional. Else they face accusations of “libel, defamation and extortion” from the doctor. The website too is apparently involved in “extortion”, according to Dr Robert Kotler of Beverly Hills.


I can assure that my review and complaint about my surgery at Dr Robert Kotler’s clinic in Beverly Hills, California, is accurate and is not exaggerated or faulty. I can only suggest that patients bring a video camera to their appointments with Dr Kotler in the future to avoid frivolous threats. Dr Kotler implies that my review is “libel” and “malicious”. There is no libel at all in my review. I am a patient who had failed surgery. How malicious is that? The doctor shows no sense of responsibility at all for his failure, or my losses due to it. There have been no personal attacks or defamation, only my experience as a patient at Dr Kotler’s practice. It is not illegal to provide feedback on business services.

REBUTTAL against Dr Kotler’s libel:
1. Dr Kotler disputes my statement that his practice portrayed him to be “the best” surgeon under the sun [see pt 8]. The statement is descriptive, of course, but there are no inaccuracies to this at all. I actually have these exaggerated promises in writing from Dr Robert Kotler’s own clinic. They would hold up in any court procedure and demonstrate that I was over-promised skills that were simply not there.

2. If Dr Kotler is well established and highly respected in the medical field, why would he be bothered about one small review? I hardly think this review is responsible for any loss of reputation or business to Dr Kotler if he truly has “thousands” of happy patients. Where are the reviews from all these thousands of patients? The only ones I find are paid, fake reviews posted by a marketing company.
If patients are only permitted to post untrue rosy reviews about a doctor without telling other patients the truth, how reliable is the surgeon? If the doctor has a loss of business (which I doubt is truthful) competition and the recession is more likely the cause. I’ve had considerable personal losses due to Dr Kotler’s mistakes.
Huffington Post: “Plastic Surgery In Decline In U.S. Due To Recession Spending Worries”

3. Dr Kotler disputes my claim that non-FDA approved silicon was used in the procedure. This use of silicon was brought to my attention by another unhappy patient of Dr Kotler’s. The doctor insist I am lying and writes, “The product is FDA-approved for use inside the eyeball to help correct a detached retina.” Should a patient have the need to give anatomical lessons to a surgeon?! When has the nose become an eyeball? I contacted FDA and was told that any medication used outside the specific licensed approval, is termed OFF LABEL use. FDA has approved the silicon injections to correct a detached retina of the eyeball, NOT for rhinoplasty corrections. Last time I checked my retina was not in my nasal tip.
My legal right is not to be used as a guinea pig but to be properly informed about medicines or substances used on me (especially non-FDA ones), and any risks they may pose in the procedure. I was not informed that silicon was used at all. I came for rhinoplasty, not medical experiments. Silicon was not even mentioned when I was injected with it. I was only informed of this later.
Dr Kotler is a former Regional Consultant and Commissioner for the Medical Board of California. How scary is that?! A surgeon who bullies and threatens his patients is the actual FORMER COMMISSIONER AND REGIONAL CONSULTANT for the MEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA, that is suppose to protect patients and monitor doctors!
Rest assure that in a lawsuit I will have actual clinical references disputing your use of silicon in rhinoplasty. But those would be references from real plastic surgeons, not from a COSMETIC surgeon that is not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (wish I would have known the difference before I scheduled my surgery. But I didn’t know and thought it was the same thing. Another one of your unhappy patients pointed it out to me).

COSMETIC vs PLASTIC surgeon (Dr Kotler is a COSMETIC surgeon, NOT a Board Certified PLASTIC surgeon):
One surgeon states, “Believe it or not, there are medical practitioners including GP’s, dermatologists and general surgeons who are calling themselves cosmetic surgeons, and some, even Plastic surgeons. Not only is this dishonest, it’s potentially life threatening to the patient.
A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has had rigorous training for between 6 and 8 years or longer after medical school on all aspects of surgery and plastic surgery. As such, they represent the gold standard for plastic surgeons. All plastic surgeons are cosmetic surgeons but not all cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons.”

4. Dr Kotler indeed promised that results would be very similar to the morphed photograph we discussed. I insisted that I would cancel the surgery appointment if it was not achievable. He assured it was fully plausible and he knew what he was doing. Apparently he didn’t know. When I pressured for a more clarity, he said exact results may not be possible but estimated 90% similarity. Fact is: there is no similarity with my results and the projections during consultation. Not at all. And photos will prove that in any court case. I did not pay for deformities.

5. Dr Kotler told me in consultation that nearly half of his patients come to him for revision after bad surgery elsewhere. He had no bars to critique other surgeons, but cannot take any form of criticism of his own work performance. I am not the only patient complaining, but it appears the doctor – a FORMER COMMISSIONER AND REGIONAL CONSULTANT for the MEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA – threatens and bullies his patients if they give honest reviews.

6. My friend estimated that the surgery took “about an hour” and was surprised how quick it was. I paid massive fees for the quick surgery. Dr Kotler argues that this is lies. It is not. Here is Dr Kotler’s own calculation of the time: Preparations, 15-20 minutes. Surgery, 45-60 minutes. Awakening, 5-10 minutes. Safety checks and last stitches, 15-20 minutes.
That makes it 1.20 hrs (“about an hour”, exactly as my friend said) or up to 1.50 hrs. I was still coming out of sedation when my friend met me.

7. Dr Kotler posts libel against my review by falsely claiming that patients like myself are, “hoping to extort money or whatever from professionals who do take pride in their work and reputation in the community.” How callous of a doctor who failed to own up to his mistakes! How is a statement that Dr Kotler needs to take responsibility for any poor work he performs extortion, libel or false? Responsibility doesn’t come with the medical profession? Should a patient accept Dr Kotler’s occasional failures at their own cost and nuisance?

8. Dr Kotler, who clearly is arrogant beyond words, indicates in his rebuttal that not even a single patient has complained about their results:
(“since 1989 the practice has provided computer imaging to nearly every patient and no patient has ever returned to the office and complained that their computer imaged, pre-op photo surgical result was not a reasonable depiction of the actual outcome”). I have read comments from other patients that speak otherwise. So it is then assumed that Dr Kotler does indeed believe that he is one of “the best” surgeons in Beverly Hills and touts this, although he denies it in his rebuttal. In our consultation I was told that almost HALF of his surgeries were correctional procedures of mistakes by OTHER surgeons that only “he” could resolve. Dr Kotler, who portrayed himself as all-knowing and the best there don’t have even ONE complaint from his outcome. He is wrong. He ignores to acknowledge MY complaint and rejects it.

9. Last but not least, Dr Kotler refutes my claims that his clinic aggressively pursued me for payment immediately after consultation. Again I stated the truth. In fact, Dr Kotler’s clinic was so aggressive in their pursuit for advance payment (long before their required “down payment”), that I began to wonder if he was cash short! I found it rude. My friends even made jokes about it. His receptionist kept calling and pestering me for payment several times, laving multiple messages on my voice mail. I had barely left the clinic after my first consultation when the demand for money began! It gave a poor impression. Dr Kotler’s clinic state; “We don’t operate like a commission-driven used car lot.” No? They sure behaved like it.
Again, in a legal dispute, my statement can be proven with copies of my payment, extracts from records of messages and phone calls from Dr Kotler’s clinic.

I will not tolerate more bullying, threats and lies from Dr Kotler’s surgical practice, nor trolling on the internet where you and your staff try to defame my review (Some now removed. I guess your lawyer warned you about your libel). Your rebuttal demonstrates poor medical ethics. And rather than putting you in a good light, it truly shows what kind of doctor you are.

With this rebuttal I can inform you, Dr Robert Kotler of Beverly Hills, that I have lost all respect for you as a doctor, and a business owner and you have shown to be unethical and untruthful.

[Note: Complaints Board has never contacted me to ask me to remove anything. Nor do they allow editing of a post should I want to change or delete anything]

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