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     I have been with Alder alarm company sence 2017. When I frist got the alarm system the representative did not go over the fine print of the contract with me. Read the fine print please.

      After being with the alarm company for five years my sister asked me to recommend a alarm company for her when she moved into her new house. I recommended Alder alarm company.

     For the whole first year she got the alarm system it was not working right. Each time she called they would not send out a specialist to see what the problem was, instead they would tell her how to diagnose the problem for over a year, which never worked.

     She contacted me about the problems she was having and also explained to me that the alarm company said that she had not been registered with the police department and that the police  would not respond anyway.

     She asked what she had to do in order to cancel the service. They said she would have to cancel her contract and that it would cost he over $1,000.00. I have had the service for over five years and when I checked I was told that even though I was paying them $56.00 a month for five years that the police or fire would not have responded because I did not register with the police department and they never reminded me to register with the police department.

     When I first got the contract, and the alarm went off the alarm company would contact me and asked was everything ok and asked me for my password. Then they stopped calling me when the alarm went off and would instead send me a text message saying that the alarm went off and did I want to cancel it. I did not realize that if someone had broken into my house and had my family at gunpoint, they could tell me to cancel the alarm on my phone and the alarm company would not have called to see if everything was ok or ask for my password or send police or fire to see if everything was ok.

    So on September 29,2022 I called alder alarm company to cancel the contract. The recording said that there were 23 people ahead of me and that the company would call me back. The company never called me back.

     So I called ADT and asked them to come out on Monday October 3, 2022 to install an alarm system and continued to try and contact Alder alarm company with no success. Finally on Monday a hour before ADT was to install a new alarm, I was able to get in contact with Alder alaram company by staying on the phone for about 5 minutes and not hanging up the phone and waiting for them to call me back when the recording said there were 28 people ahead of me.

     When I talked to the representative and explain that I wanted to cancel the service because I had recommended the service for one of my relatives and that she tried to cancel the service and was told that she would have to pay them over $1,000.00 to cancel the service. And I explained that I had not been receiving calls from Alder when the alarm went off for over a year, and that the police would not respond anyway because the service was not registered with the police.

     I had to keep repeating the same thing over and over to the representative because she would not put in the report exactly what I was saying. I explained to her that I had another phone call that was coming through in a hour and that I did not have time to keep repeating the same thing over and over and that I just wanted to cancel the service. She then said that you know your family is not safe without a alarm system, then she tried to reimburse me for my last month payment.

     She eventually said she had to transfer the call to the person who can look into canceling the service. Finally, the new representative said  that in order to cancel the service I would have to pay the remainder of my contract that they automatically renews every 60 months. And that it was renewed in January 2022 and the contract is $1,824.00.

     So when the installer for ADT got here, I had to explain to him that I could not get a new alarm service because I could not afford to pay Alder alarm company $1,824.00 and that I would call them back in 60 months.  

     After I was unsuccessful in canceling the service.  I had to go out to run some errands. When I came home and tried to turn of the alarm system it would not turn off and Alder alarm company called me to asked was I ok, and did I know the password.


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