Mcaffe Review - San Jose, CA

If you are unfortunate enough to cross paths with Andi Albin (may go by Andrea when running from her victims), stay far away! She will drag your name through the mud and steal from you or use your status to steal in any way she can. She will smooth talk and charm you. Do not be fooled! Google her name and you will see that this is a pattern with her and she has been doing this for YEARS. Every account is the same. SHE OWES MONEY. She has messed with well known celebrities and has gotten away with it for too long. Please do not fall for her tactics. Andi has been selling imaginary tickets to the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block fanbase. Tickets she never had access to. She would make excuse after excuse as to why the tickets fell through and then would make excuses as to why fans weren’t getting refunded. Weeks would pass, months would pass, years would pass. No money. She will really need money now and is most likely looking for the next victim to scam. Please avoid!

Found At: ANDI ALBIN Review – Florida

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