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Andrew Sweeney is a serial conman and confidence trickster.  Google his name along with Privilege Wealth Investments and pages and pages of negative information can be found.   He offers clients high yield investments but his only concern is to earn a high commission for himself and his introducers.  These commissions are taken immediately from the investors funds.

After one scheme fails he moves onto the next scheme and again defrauds investors of their money.  His particular specialism is conning pensioners out of their live savings. 

At Companies House he claims to reside in Portugal.  Another lie as our information source informs us that he is 95% in Benahavis, Malaga province.   In fact a google search confirms this as he has been appointed Chairman of the local football team, A C Benahavis.  Obviously no fit and proper checks were carried out on him.

Sweeney your days of conning innocent people are over.  We know all about you and where you are and you will pay back every penny you have defrauded investors of.


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  1. The net is closing in on Sweeney. He has now defrauded too many people to be able to get away with it. People know where he lives and where he spends his leisure time. Rest assured Sweeney you will pay back every penny you have defrauded from innocent investors.

  2. Andrew Sweeney conned many people in Germany out of millions of euros on a payroll and payday loan scheme. He paid absolutely nothing back to anyone and disappeared. The members who lost money formed a group and it is still active so it is interesting he has appeared again near Marbella, Spain. This article has been sent to all group members and I am sure some will want to track him down in the hope of getting their money back.

    I agree with the comments in the article that Andrew Sweeney is a fraudster and conman and needs to be held accountable for all the lives he has ruined.

  3. Cannot add anymore to the comments already posted. Sweeney is a serial conman and fraudster and shows no shame. He has ruined the life of many people and needs to be made to repay all the money he has defrauded people of via his fraudulent investment schemes.

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