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Aspen Dental in Saint Cloud, Florida does not stand behind their Money Back Guarantee and blatantly lie to their customers about their services and procedures. You should be able to have faith and trust a business when they tell you what to except, especially with something as serious as your teeth. But this is not the case with Aspen Dental in Saint Cloud, Florida. They actual company it is listed under is called Cornerstone Dentistry Holdings PLLC.

I hope people find this report and read it in it’s entirety. PLEASE BE WARNED!

So to get on with why I am filling this Ripoff Report is because I was went in to get Dentures for my top teeth only and everything seemed to go well until the Instant Dentures they made were crooked and my right front tooth was in the center of my nose.

It was very unpleasant to look at and when I brought it up they tried to twist them to the right to make them line up however it was painful and not comfortable. Reluctantly they agreed to make me a new set of Instant Dentures. Keep in mind I was told that I would receive an Instant Denture first and then after six months once my gums had healed I would receive my Permanent Dentures.

So fast forward to scheduling my appointment to get my Permanent Dentures as I was under the understanding that I would receive. The receptionist schedule the appointment and I showed up excepting to do new impressions so that my Permanent Dentures would fit properly now that my gums are healed.

Well that’s when the problem started. Because that was the first time I was told that the Denture I received instantly was my Permanent Denture. I explained I wasn’t told that when I paid for the Denture up front. The explained that I signed the paperwork. Which I did, but I signed it from what the office manager Caroline told me I would be getting and the process.

In the paperwork it is vague and says “FUD Reline Cold Pour Pkg” at the bottom. I don’t know what that is. But now I’m told that is the finale process. I asked to speak to the office manager however she was on paternity leave so instead I got the assistant office manager a lady by the name of Zully I believe who quite frankly is completely worthless and horrible at any sort of customer service.

I was told to come back and speak to Caroline that she would be in the next week. So I waited and went back in to speak to her which again she wasn’t their. Now I’m thinking they are just telling me more lies so the receptionist says I can talk to the rude worthless assistant manager which I replied just that “No She is Worthless” and I would like to to speak to the office manager.

I have still not been able to speak to her. But I did receive a letter saying they would no longer service me and that I would need to find another Dentist. The letter stated I had 30 days to come in though for emergencies. Since my Dentist was transferred to South Orange Avenue branch I called them. They scheduled and appointment and I was hopeful up until the day of the appointment when I called to confirm and was told now they can not see me.

They told me to go back to the Saint Cloud Branch which I did and even tho the office manager was there she refused to see me. The assistant manager was very anger that I called her worthless and told me to get out of the office or they were call the cops. All because she is a worthless and rude employee. I left and am now trying to warn others of their DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES

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