Signed into battlenet to enjoy a little bit of Warzone which i have for the past year. Seen the cinematic and said naw, ill goto bed. Next night while 2 other players are ready to go here, i attempt to log into my account which was absolutely fine the night before and its now asking me for a phone number that isn’t mine.

They do not let you fix or correct this problem without the phone number on the account. Keeps asking for a sms code to a phone number i have no idea what it is but it ends in 30 and has more numbers than a canadian phone number should. So its off to support to find out what the hell happened and even the support tickets want a SMS code verification just to send a flipping ticket in to these guys.

After jumping thru numerous hoops i was able to finally file a ticket to which they state CLEARLY on the site, allow up to 24 hours for a response…..24 hours has come and gone and STILL no reply from Battlenet on how to fix this problem.

I’ve already quit Diablo Immortal cuz its literally just a slot machine gambling system at this point and i got ripped on anything ive ever purchased there. I’ve just purchased a copy of Vanguard now that i can no longer use. Cannot login into warzone. And theres NO REPLY!!!!!

I’m actually considering starting a class action lawsuit against and contacting the BBB and having them investigated at this point. NEVER GIVE BATTLENET ANY MONEY EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Their staff is straight garbage when it comes to support.

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