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The many reasons why I would NEVER recommend shopping at Buyyourownmodem .com .  I bought a modem from them in July 2020, it arrived with the wrong power cord, and it was a $90 mistake and a major headache to resolve it. 

1.     Terrible customer service:   there’s no way to call a customer service line, but only communications via email, and they only respond once a day.  Does not respond to specific email questions / concerns but only repeats what’s on the website, or tells you that it’s your fault (e.g. “Very sorry to hear that you were not able to read the items description page upon checkout as it does clearly state that the item is listed to be in refurbished condition and even specifically states each and every accessory that would be included.”)

2.     I Tem sent was faulty and did not function as advertised.   The power cord sent with the item was not intended for this item.  The peg was the wrong size and it hung from the router.  It would have to be taped to stay securely and keep the power on.

3.     I Tem sent was incomplete – it was NOT sent with every item listed (cords were missing)

4.     L Ate delivery – paid ($9.95) for expedited delivery and it arrived a day late. It was never shipped within 24 hours, as advertised. 

5.     Fair returns are unlikely.   After multiple emails explaining why I wanted to return the item, I only ever received the routine response that it will be tested upon return and IF in fact it’s faulty as I say, then I would be refunded minus the 20-30% restocking fee. Based on the communications, I did not trust that they would refund anything. 

6.     Packaging was horrible – the modem and power cord were jammed into a flat envelope cardboard mailer, with a tiny piece of bubble wrap and a crumpled plastic shopping bag.  Furthermore it arrived from an individual in Glendale, AZ with an ebay mailer. So it appears that Buyyourownmodem may be buying things from ebay to send to customers.

7.     They offer to pay $5 for a good review.   No wonder there are any good reviews out there at all, as this company would only ever get a good review through bribery. 

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