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I hope this post helps somone. I personally would recommend RUNNING away from this business. 

They sold an unsafe vehicle that exhibited issues from the moment i drove off the lock. I believe they knowingly and deliberately scammed me. 

About the troubles: The main issue is the car wil lock up while on the road (due to an AEB issue), also I notice the car brakes make a grinding noise

To be breif. I’ve made numerous attempts to take my car back to the place of business and they were unable to repair the vehicle. I took the vehicle in to the shop every weekend since purchase and too many calls to count. Finally one spokemen got tired of my calls and told me that i signed and that’s that, i’m stuck with it. They even implied that they were “helping me” by looking at the car (they have yet to do anything to fix it).

I decided to take the car to a repair shop (not affiliated with California Motors Direct). They sstated that they are unable to fix the vehicle even if i paid for it. The car has soo many after market parts , jerry rigged together. 

I ended up paying out of pockets for them to fix the grinding noise with the brakes (something California Motors direct failed to do). It cost $500 . My first payment is due next week and i’m stuck with an expesive paperweight as i hate to drive it due to the lock ups. I feel like such a tool and a clod.

I truely hope this post saves some one. STAY AWAY.

Found At: California Motors Review

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