Carvana Review - Rome, GA

The first vehicle that I received from Carvana had to be returned due to body and mechanical issues. I thought it was a fluke and I selected another vehicle. Bad decision. When I got it, the body of the vehicle looked good for a used car and it ran well. Then the bumper started falling off.

I had to take it for an estimate. Severe rearend damage. It had been wrecked. They say that they do a 150-point checklist. How did they not see this damage? They did. When I spoke to Nicholas on the executive resolution team, he said that it was listed on the checklist (it absolutely was not) and so was the frontend damage. What? Frontend damage? T

ook it in for an estimate. Serious frontend damage. This vehicle had been totaled. I ran the vin number and it had been auctioned. On their website, they have a 360 degree virtual image of the vehicle and they point out a few scratches, but they’re not honest. They know what they’re selling you. They just lie about it.

I paid for a good used vehicle with minor scratches and got a totaled car. They would not change the price of it even though I caught them in a lie. So I am paying a lot for a totaled car. If you decide to buy from them have it inspected for mechanical and body damage.

I have since paid around $1000 for mechanical issues. You cannot believe anything that they say. They have no integrity. I have learned a hard lesson and will never purchase anything from Carvana again. I suggest you buy from someone else as well.

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