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I worked for Spencer Chambers (Chambers911). He paid me after about 20 hours of work then would not pay me again after 250+ hours of work. Despite requests for pay, demand letters, and engagement with several authorities, he refuses to pay. I found several other workers that claim to have a very similar story. 

I continue to see workers cycle in and out of his rented property and can only assume that he is continuing this pattern. I will endevour to collect on my pay but I and the other victims need help. He makes almost all of his leads from internet searches.

Please leave reviews if you have had a negative experince with him as well. This will hurt his ability to generate leads. He also needs a class action lawsut levied against him but after stealing my money I don’t have any to throw at lawyers hoping for a return and not some technicality dismissal. 

Please do not engage this person in any capacity except to provide encouragement so he can can decide to make his past right and correct his behaviour going forward. 

My plan for that money was to be able to afford home improvements on my dilapidated, 40 year old 1400 square foot home so my four children could have their own spaces. He has robbed us of that. Another person I worked with has informed me that because of the theft of his wages his family had to make a choice between paying for rent or paying for grocieries that month.

Another worker told me he was “let go” once he was put in the hospital with a back injury from the job. Meanwhile this “businessman” makes posts about his and his families lavish lifestyle and he has new toys (cars, RVs, new house) seemingly bought and built off others stolen wages. 

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