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I did some more looking into this debt that this debt collection agency says I owe and this is what I found..  Al;so, please see email below they sent me after i asked them for a debt validation document.

The name of the company is Champion Strategy Holdings.  When you call and they answer the phone they refer to themselves as CSH Mediation Group and claim they are an attorney’s office.

Phone number:  877-311-2348

Supposed Creditor:  Check and Go  (Payday Loan)

I spoke with them twice. 

29 November 2022 – Spoke with a man by the name of John Fulton who claimed they are a legal firm.  He said I owed a balance of 500.00 dollars on this check and go account.  I asked how much the original debt was for and they guy slightly hesitated and told me 500 dollars.  He said i could settle it if I paid 500 dollars plus a processing fee of 10 dollars.  They guy said they were going to have me serviced with court papers and that I could end up going to court and being sued.  He also said he had my parent’s names.  I asked him what my parents names were and he said I was wasting his time.  This company has my address.

7 December 2022 – I called them and spoke with them again just to ensure I wasn’t making a mistake and did owe the money.  The first time I called I asked them what kind of company they were and they hung up on me.  The second time I called I got some snarky lady.  This time she said I owed 775 dollars instead of the 500 dollars I was quoted on 29 Novmember 2022 by John Fulton.  She said the loan was issued in April 2019. She said I could settle the debt for 500 dollars.  She claimed they were a mediation group at a law office.  I told her if I really owed it that I would pay it but first I need some type of documentation.  That’s when she sent me this email that I am forwarding to you.  She told me if I needed the original document that I wouldn’t be able to get a copy of it until we went to court.  She also threatened me with serving me papers and taking me to court in Bell County, Texas.  I am extremely alarmed because she knew social, date of birth, my address and make mention of my old bank account at  bank of america whom I no longer bank with anymore and hadn’t for a few years.  She didn’t say what my checking account number was.

On 7 December 2022 I called the company they say I owe money to called Check and Go.  Between customer service and their collections department three different people confirmed for me that I did not owe money to check and go.  I wanted to check myself to see if owed them money and I would have paid it.  This company didn’t sound familiar when the debt collection agency told me who I owed.

Their website addess is:

address is 2302 Parkland Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30345

Their email adress is

Found At: Champion Strategy Hol Review

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