Psychic Readings Review

Chris Fleming with Fleming Construction & Maintenance is dishonest and disrespectful. Dishonest because he charged me in full $1,000 for flooring repair job that he did about half of. He worked 1.5 hours and never returned. I scheduled a return date with him for this past Wednesday 3/15/23. In fact I took off work. He’s nowhere to be found so I texted him. He says it will have to be tomorrow, Thursday 3/16/23. Well the next day for me was a funeral so we scheduled in the afternoon after the funeral. I’m already having a horrible day because of the funeral and Chris doesn’t show. I texted him regarding his time of arrival. No response. A few hours later I call him. Voicemail and no call back. I asked Chris if he could refund me the money that he didn’t work for so I could avoid commenting on Nextdoor. He ghosted me on that as well so I think it is important as a public service that you are aware of Chris Fleming and Fleming Construction. AVOID unless you want ripped off.

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