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We started with College Athlete Advantage LLC about two years ago as our advisor Josh Bravin sought us out and explained to us they help find “Athletic Scholarships” for good players like our son (who Josh had seen play for many years). We are middle class working family and can not afford a good academic college on our own so we decided to listen to the sales pitch. Josh told us he would have a scholarship by the end of Junior year and guaranteed us it would be FOUR times the $3,000 fee we paid to CAA to help match us with a college. Over the past two years our advisor did not contact schools on his own, follow up with coaches after our visits or even direct us on selecting a school. We had to constantly hound him, follow up, and ask for updates. After he got our money he basically checked out and left us on our own. The only thing he did was make a low quality video and send sent spam emails. After repeated attempts to get Josh to do anything to help us I reached out to the owner Mike Orchard whom had zero contact or interest in us in the past. I asked for a full refund since I was now over half way through my son’s SENIOR year and the promises made to us never came through nor did our advisor even secure ONE possible offer. The owner refused to refund us due to spam emails sent to colleges and the low quality video that was not even viewed by majority of the schools. This company is full of con-artists and is a complete bait and switch. I am not even the first family they have done this to and the owner does not care that he is stealing money that kids could be using towards college since the false promises they made never came through. The owner does not truly care about helping kids at all.

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