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We ordered a king size platform bed from Consol class. It was delivered one week ago, on the second night the slats in the middle of the bed broke. They do not have a middle support for a king size bed, it’s literally eight slats that are about 1 inch thick. Called cons the next day let them know what happened they told us we needed to contact their service department. 

Call the service department they had us take pictures and send it to them they said that they would get the report done and get right back to us, two days later we finally call back to the service department and they tell us that they’re going to send out a replacement board. This is a brand new bed that they’ve never had in their store, they don’t even know if it comes with the middle support.

I explain to them that my daughter has a king size platform bed that has a middle support, I upgraded my queen size platform bed to a king and even my queen size had a middle support, they said there was nothing they could do besides send out a new board they said they understand it’s going to continue to break because there is no middle support but did suggest that I call the company to return it.

So I called Conns furniture plus and I have literally had this bed one week and they told me they don’t exchange or return furniture. So I’m looking around and I find that they have ripped many people off about this. $1000 bedframe and I can’t even use it.

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