Conversionly claims to be a lead generation company where their customers hire trained appointment setters to generate leads for your business. They quoted me a price for the service which included a dedicated appointment setter. Once I paid the invoice I was informed that the fee I paid was only for the appointment setters training and I then also had to pay the appointment setter an hourly rate.

I then told them that the sales rep I spoke with told me that the appointment setter’s fee was included in the orignal invoice and that was the only fee that I was required to pay. When I realized that I also needed to pay the appointment setter an hourly fee I requested a refund and was denied.

The training fee is unnecessary, you can hire an appointment setter many other places that are just as qualified. I was misled as to what was included in my invoice then denied a refund even though they had not provided any service yet. Beware working with this company, they will tell you what you want to hear upfront but their actual offering is not what it seems.

Found At: Conversionly Review

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  1. I hired #conversionly paid over $14k to create leads and hire their phoners and it came out being a complete scam. Stay away from them :/
    * they provided minimal to no ads
    * their 2 provided phoners stole $ never making 1 appt over 2 months. ZERO !
    * They bragged about these teaching sessions for my staff to learn how to use their trade secrets and it was supposed to include many of their other clients yet there was never more then 1 other then my employees…probably a planted employee of theirs.
    * no doubt in my mind their great reviews they share on their site are planted reviews

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