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“Rayvon” is a “person” who’s name shows up on the chat in the website. Loads of enthusiasm and communication from “Rayvon” before the sale. After the sale? Radio silent. Money was transferred via Zelle, just like “Rayvon” said to do. To the letter. Then, that was it. Nothing. Zero, Blank empty space. 

Chat history with “Rayvon” 

Delivery? Okay. With $45 it will take 48 hours for us to deliver to you 48 hours? That IS express. Thanks for that. I may be placing an order tomorrow. We will take lesser time if you pay $60 I just want me some smoke. 48 hours is plenty fast. If this is a good service, I may bring you more business. Is that ok? If this is not a good service, the viral marketing works both ways. Bet we totally understand.

We promise you won’t regret getting your products from us. Do let us know when you want to make the payment so we provide you with our zelle detail. Will do. I have never once used Zelle. You may have to walk me through it. Okay no problem. But do you have Cashapp or PayPal? Zelle pay.

Okay that’s not an issue will work you through I appreciate that. I’m an old man. Started consuming at age 14. That was in 1975. Been a big fan since. If this is a good source for me, you’ll have me forever. That’s great. You have nothing to worry about. Have you placed an order yet ? Reading some very negative reports about this site. This makes me apprehensive.

I work too hard for the money to even potentially lose it all. We understand but these reviews are bad and also we have good reviews too online We had bad reviews because of the problem we had with the shipping agency we were using at first. But we have solved the problem by working with another.

Our clients are satisfied and happy with the services we offer now. You really have nothing to worry about. You will get your products delivered to you in no time I’m placing an order. I pray this doesn’t go south. aight thanks for considering We promise to fulfill this order I’m getting ready to pay with Zelle.

Why is there no shipping charges on the order? First one free shipping, or is there a surprise to come later. I like me some full disclosure. Name: Kala Auchard Email: Make the payment using this email Yes shipping costs $45 and $and the won’t be any further charges Why is this differing from what the instructions on the website say to do?

Use details sent to you by mail we can process payments using different payment details from the live chat or directly from the website. we didn’t know you placed an order already We just sent you a follow up email to confirm details The payment went through. On my end anyway. Again, viral marketing works to the exact degree of the virus spread.

I pray this was a good decision. Some lessons are expensive. And, if this is a good decision and I like what is delivered, you’ll have me forever. Except for strike 1. I’ll be gone. Okay What details ? Can you send a payment confirmation receipt via email? to what email address? Okay let’s process and confirm You should get delivery confirmation by email including tracking Cypril logistics USPS Mail delivery Any update on shipping?

How long will the order be on hold? What’s the news? Is this order going to be shipped? Please let me know. If it does not ship, I will begin my advertising. It will be shipped Do you have an eta? You said shipping was 48 hours. But 48 hours from when? Any updates on shipping status/date? I have a couple thousand followers that will hear about the service from here.

Here are my observations so far on my gamble:

1. Quite typically, the service is great persuading for the order. After the order (it’s not a sale, because nothing has been shipped), the communication from the company, which was so robust before the sale, goes radio silent. That’s a very big problem for any company, yours being one of them.

2. Promises to ship in 48 hours is a pure lie.

3. No movement or delivery since the order has been placed. I have a running timeline that will be used.

The money will neither make or break me. My gamble is a humble one. I just need a good source of weed, as my grow guy had an aphid infestation and his crop has been ruined. It seems Craig Weed is not that source. That is sad. That is very, very sad.

Here’s another one to add to the timeline: “We reply immediately” I will add to my timeline “yes, they sure do, but only before the sale” still nothing. Wow. My article is nearly complete. I am now forced to post everywhere. Google, Reddit, BBB, and to all of my followers.

Feel free to “reply immediately”, which is hilarious. any update? Any desire to defend your company and it’s practices?  

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