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After nine people died that were denied basic human services like medical care and food (according to the Judge PATRICIA  COSGROVE a visiting Judge that specializes in handling cases as they relate to law enforcement in Ohio), Kenneth V Mills received 3 sentences of just 90 days each totaling 9 months and now the court has vacated that by appeal.

The DRAGON MEDIA has been falsely proliferating propaganda that there will be a “new trial.” From my experience in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas this never happens especially since the time has been served.

I was in the jail during the time the people died with a friend that went to law school. My friend and I were successful at a writing campaign that prompted the Federal Marshall’s into the Cuyahoga County Jail .  

As you can see from the Federal Marshals Report, the conditions of the jail were so deplorable the agents were horrified and Cuyahoga County Jail made national headlines for awful conditions and is what called redlining. 

Redlining as I experienced it several times, means that you get confined to your cell for 22 hours a day in that two hour window you must shower, call people, talk to your attorney, and if you are lucky play a game of cards, walk around the cell block for lap or two talking to other prisoners to spread awareness about the law so they don’t end up screwed like so many people do. The rest of the time you are stuck with a cell mate in a small walk in closet (which was unhealthy for COVID and against the guidelines that were put out by the CDC.) 



Kenneth V Mills and co-defendants were Douglas M Dykes and Emily McNeeley of Bay Village.  

Emily McNeeley apparently their attorney that probably got them into this whole mess of criminal charges to start out with.  

The two men were charged with less severe charges (at least on paper) suggesting that this really was her legal fumble, but she managed to get them both including herself ensnared but got herself out with only probation and a long list of charges as you can see below that were made NOLLE.

There is an old saying I learned from an attorney and friend from Shaker Heights, “At the end of the day whether your client goes to jail or does not go to jail just make sure your not the one going to jail.”  She certainly navigated them into this mess and successfully navigated herself out of jail and/or prison time and the hell with fiduciary responsibility and these two d**n morons that blindly listened to me.

Found At: Cuyahoga County Jail: Court Review

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