Mcaffe Review - San Jose, CA

Do not go to this Dentist! He left us with sonm much pain and troublem we have been put in pain, lied to and being mocked by his front desk staff and office manager, this is the worst dental practice ever! Please be aware, Dr. Ginzburg DDS not only has the practice in Marina del Rey (Only on Wednesdays, crazy enoigh), but also on b3130 Sepulveda Blvd, los Angeles, CA 90034. Avoid going there at all costs! They charge the health insurence but then they make mistakkes every time they need to file a payment authorisation from the health insurance so they make you waut for half a year and then they lie to you that you would be denied when clearly the health inurance states they approved said treatment !!! My husbamd was treated by Dr. Ginzburg and he really messed it up, husbad was in so much pain. Then finally he got an appontment to fix it and Dr. Ginzburg just did the treatment WITHOUT ANY SEDATION  AGAINST THE PAIN OR FOR NUMBING! It was like Folter, TORTURE! The pain was so bad my husband has nightmares since and still so much pain! We reported them, the front desk and back office “ ladies” work together as a team and are withholding calls and emails from him to cover up their mistakes and conspiracies! They don’t even answer calls they ignore you with medical emergencies and neglect their patients . That Doctor William Ginzburg in Marina del Rey ( he’s only there Wednesdays, once a week) has no idea what his staff is fabricating behind his back. The one woman Kelly lied to us several times telling us the health insurance would not cover our treatment whereas it was never filed by her first place and that happened on several occasions! We were in total pain and they let us wait 3 months when the health insurance told us personally they would cover everything, but they have not even filed it over and over again , lazy bunch of incompetent liars! Do not believe them a single word and if you want to complain to the doctor Ginzburg personally, they do not let you get through to him, they all cover for each other at the front desk. When you tell them you will report them, they are just grinning at you because they know they have been getting away with it for a long time and the stupid Doctor won’t find out because he’s never there anyway. This practice should be CLOSED DOWN and we will happily watch . DO NOT GO THERE , everything they’ll tell you is a LIE.  Contact your health insurance PERSONALLY if they tell you they won’t cover the costs, they are too lazy to file it ! They rather stuff chips in their mouth in front of all the patients in the waiting room like that incompetent woman Kelly  who bluntly lied to us several times, rudely eben hung up the phone while they refuse to get you to the doctor.

Most incompetent and most unprofessional office we experienced in our entire life ! The office manager literally told us personally, after I asked why noone is andswering to my emails or returning the calls from our health insrance , that they wouldNOT forward emails or calls to Dr.Ginzburg.. Oir health insirance tried to call the practice for weeks, they either dont even answer the phone when they see their number or they do not direct the calls or requests to Dr. Ginzburg, instead they are hiding it from him and plotting so he wont find out. Such a crazy behavior, we fiked also a complaint woth the health insurance. WORST, absolute WORST DENTIST IN ALL LOS ANGELES!

Found At: Dr. William (Bill) Review

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