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Receptionists are essentially the forefront of the company and when you have a bad receptionist as Dr. Tuley does, you can expect to see a high turnover of patients. I’ve found Dr. Tuley’s receptionist to be rude, unprofessional, and lazy.

I’m not the only one that has experienced this. My father-in-law and oldest sister aren’t keen about either. Dr. Tuley took a break from his practice before and I heard that his former staff were nothing but wonderful. This receptionist is far from it.

Not only she unprofessionally announces what patients owe in front of other patients, but she’s very snarky in her responses. I was planning on paying my bill with my health and savings card on Friday, but she wouldn’t have it. She told me to either pay today or reschedule.

I do not plan on going back to the doctor since I try my best to veer away from people like her since I believe a staff should carry themselves professionally – without turning patients away. With three kids (5, 10, and 16) back in school, I couldn’t pay the full amount until payday. With something serious as diabetes, this appointment was very important.

I didn’t have a keen impression of her on the first visit. Seemingly rushing from a lunch break, she was minutes late, and she told me in her usual snarky tone that she’s known for that I’d have to wait. She should consider a career that suits her better, because she doesn’t have the personality to be working in the medical field.

In a nutshell, Dr. Tuley should consider replacing her with a friendly receptionist. Patients shouldn’t be shunned, especially the ones that are willing to pay. By the way, my insurance was actually overcharged ($430) for the first visit anyways.

The receptionist made a false claim to insurance that my first visit was 45 minutes long – when actually the previous patient took up most of the time before closing. I was only in the office for about 15 minutes. For the second visit, my insurance was charged $186, which was way more accurate. 

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