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It has come to my attention that many employees of the city of Duncan, to include the Duncan Fire Department have been involved in organized stalking and noise harassment campaigns since 2007. Organized stalking and harassment is a felony in the state of Oklahoma and is punishable to up to 16 years in prison if the harassment causes duress and forces a person to take his or her life. These noise campaigns are usually directed towards a target. The target receives constant unrelenting noise for several months or even years until the target commits suicide. Noise campaigns usually include sounding sirens directed at the target, honking horns at the target, driving by the target’s home several times sounding sirens or honking horns. On October, 26th and 27th, 2022, a security camera captured employees of the Duncan Fire Department driving fire trucks by a house across from a Dollar General store many times sounding sirens then turning the fire truck around at the end of the street and driving by the location again blaring sirens and honking horns, and once more turning the fire truck around in a parking lot and returning to the location to blare sirens as they drove by. According to a security camera the employees operating the fire trucks for the Duncan Fire Department were laughing and raising their middle fingers at the persons who were at the address the firefighters drove by several times. This happened both on October 26th, and October 27th 2022 between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. This is a form of harassment which causes duress to the target of the harassment and is a felony in the state of Oklahoma.

According to the Oklahoma Law, it is a felony to cause someone’s suicide. 

 Suicide is defined as taking your life by causing harm to yourself with the intent of ending your life. If you caused or assisted with a suicide, you could be charged with a crime in Oklahoma. The punishments for helping someone commit suicide or causing suicide can be severe.


The law defines the crime of causing homicide as intentionally causing a person to commit suicide through force, deception, or duress.

Therefore, if someone threatens to shoot a person if they do not jump off a building, that would be considered causing suicide. The person did not touch the victim or shoot the victim, but the person’s actions intentionally caused the victim to take his own life. Causing duress could take the form of any type of harassment such as repeated noise harassment involving a continuous pattern of planned harassment that involves various types of sound to annoy or harass someone over a period several months or years. Loud aircraft, or drones over someone’s work or home, loud sirens or car horns repeatedly going off everyday near the victim’s home or near where the victim works also counts as a form of harassment that would cause duress. Noticeably following or stalking someone with intent to cause duress also falls into this category. 

Duress includes bullying someone or harassing someone to the point that the person takes their own life. It could also involve telling someone that they are worthless, and they should kill themselves. Cyber bullying also falls into this category. 

 Assisting suicide involves helping someone commit suicide. A charge of assisting suicide requires that the defendant had knowledge that someone intended to commit suicide and did one of the following two things:

The defendant intentionally provided the physical means for the victim to commit or attempt to commit suicide, OR,

The defendant participated in the physical act that resulted in the victim’s suicide or attempted suicide


Causing suicide is a Level 3 felony. The sentencing range for a Level 3 felony is three to 16 years in prison. You could also face a fine of up to $20,000.

Assisting suicide is charged as a Level 5 felony. Level 5 felonies have a sentencing range of one to six years in prison.

Each felony has an advisory sentence that falls within the sentencing range. The length of the sentence depends on numerous factors. If you have a criminal record or there are aggravating factors in your case, a judge can sentence you to the maximum penalty for the crime which could be up to life in prison. 


An experienced criminal defense attorney can review the charges against you and develop a defense strategy based on the facts and circumstances in your case. 

There is currently a case being reviewed in Jefferson County, Oklahoma which is regarding a possible case of duress that resulted in suicide. The individual who committed suicide was named Jared Henderson who lived in Addington, Oklahoma at the time of his death in August of 2009. He had several run ins with law enforcement in the city of Waurika, Oklahoma before his death. Before his death, he complained that he was being watched, followed and harassed by airplanes and members of law enforcement. Some of the tactics he described before his death sound very similar to organized stalking harassment which causes duress. If it is discovered that he was placed in a position of duress by an agency who caused him to be in duress due to planned and repeated forms of noise harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, organized stalking, or any other form of harassment with intent to cause duress, charges may be filed on those who were involved. This is an example of organized harassment with intent to cause duress which often results in suicide. It has come to my attention that the Waurika Fire Department and the Duncan Fire Department are and have been participating in these types of organized harassment since 2007. The information I have provided is provided to the public for the purpose of informing the public of the results of organized harassment as well as to provide the public with information about the ramifications involved if they participate in organized stalking harassment.


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