Erick Chavarria Review

Erick Chavarria represents himself as an independent recruiter when in reality he works for Farmers insurance as an Agency Business Consultant under Kyle Wetzel who is a District Manager for Farmers District 33.

Erick uses negative recruiting, it is the art of trying to sway agents and aspirants away from a rival company, (for example – State Farm Insurance Company) using negitive information to make targets feel like they are overworked underpaid forced to be in the office while the agent travels and takes advantage of the employees, rather than only talking up the virtues of his own company (Farmers Insurance).

Based on infrormation and belief if you are a field leader or execuitive with an insurance company, Erick may pretend to befriend you to obtain information that is not yet known the general public and twist this information in a negitive way to induce agents and aspirants to leave the company for his better opportunity.

It may look something like this, attempt to sign a background check with Farmers Insurance, if rejected or decide the Farmers agency opportunity is not for you be pushed off to one of his puppets in the field for an interview with another company (this is likley so he can receive a compensation payment from the other company).

Bottom line is Erick Chavarria is winning! He gets one more person to fill out a background with Farmers, this is one of the ways his productivity is monitored, and still gets paid on rejected candidates by sending them to interview with a company other than Farmers.

Does this sound like a person you want to trust with your future? Is Erick Chavarria a person you would trust with your career?

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