Extreme Motor Sales Review

I purchased a scooter from Extreme Motor Sales on 24 July 2022 via the internet. Never received a response other than the transaction went through.  Sent several emails and did receive response from Heidi, who said they would ship 7-11 days after the documentation was completed. I asked what documentation, no response.

Sent several more message and finally Heidi said they sent the documentation through email. I replied I never received it. Finally on 4 August Tina sent the documentation which I promptly completed. Then, nothing. I made calls to all numbers listed and left messages, with no response.

Sent another email asking the order to be canceled any a refund issued on 18 August 2022. That evening, received an email from Tina saying the item would ship the next day. Nothing. No response, no contact, no scooter, no shipping information. 

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