Psychic Readings Review

GENERATIONAL WEALTH PARTNERS CONSULTING LLC and representative Duron Brian Dimmock convinced me to invest $20K on what they market as a return of investment project, on their Instagram page @team_gwp they claim that one can 10k in 30 days. I was told I would get a return of one-third of net profits or a minimum twenty percent return of my investment within 90 days. After 90 days and many good faith attempt to retrieve information from Duron Dimmock, including, but not limited to any documentation showing the commencement of work on the agreed-upon project, I was either ignored or brushed off by Duron Dimmock with multiple excuses.

Dimmock purposely and dishonestly made sure that I did not get the final executed copy of the agreement HE/GENERATIONAL WEALTH PARTNERS CONSULTING LLC created for me to sign, Dimmock various times claimed to have sent such an agreement, yet I never received it. I believe he does this purposely to stay out of litigation. 

Fraud is a federal crime and I plan to take action accordingly.

Please be advised that Duron Brian Dimmock has been flagged on this platform previously.


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