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So I hired a broker who was suppose to check out the carrier they assign to my vehicle.   The carrier “Great Silk Road Transportation Inc.”  never called.  I always had to call them.   I had zero notice upon pickup and they were 3 days late picking up my car.  They were 8 days late delivering the car. There were no weather issues along the route.

Abe and Alex are dispatchers for Great Silk Road Transportation Inc.   They barely speak English.  The owner is Alisher Khamrokulov.   I’ll let you judge.  After being put on hold for 15 minutes plus on many attempts to resolve my problem, I realized the hold music was of middle eastern origin.  Music you hear when you watch movies about Pakistan or Afganistan.  These people come to our country and exploit our systems and act like they are above the law.   Who pickups up a vehicle and extorts the customer for more money at the time of pickup?  That is called “bait and switch”.  This company will pull every scam in the book.  They will call you after they are a week late with the delivery of your car and they will ask you for storage money ($100.00 per day) when they never stored the car – they were just late.  

Unprofessional, late, damage and worse – refusing to take any responsibility for their actions. 

Alisher Khamrokulov is the owner.  Total punk kid with no idea how business works.  No idea how contracts work.  No effort to honor a contract.  Refuses to take matters seriously and make the customer whole again.  

Sentry insurance is their carrier.  They will not start a claim.  The agencies that are suppose to protect consumers are no longer helping “joe citizen”.   

Drive your vehicle before you ever let Great Silk Road Transportation Inc touch your vehicle.     You’ve been warned.   Contact numbers include: 

1) 267-261-7266

2) 267-684-6240

3) 267-778-9124

4) 215-866-4944 Main number

5) 267-547-6914

6) 347-461-4161

7) 267-460-2087

A bunch of 20 year jerks that need to be avoided at all costs.  

The owner “Alisher Khamrokulov” is the biggest foreigner loser you could ever find.  He should never be touching anyone’s vehicle.  I wouldn’t even hire him to work at McDonalds.   

I’ve spent months trying to resolve this and nobody will help.  No police report, no insurance provider, no DOT agency, no FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)… nobody is protecting consumers from ripoff artists like Great Silk Rd Transportation Inc. 


Found At: Great Silk Road Transportation Review

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