Lawngevity Review

OMG!!! Buyer please beware!!! This is a nightmare experience. Towed my vehicle here due to a fuel tank leak. Received an estimate showing fuel pump will be replaced for 3000.00 and fuel tank take down will be $250. Found out that a fuel pump only cost like $178 max. I submitted the estimate to my insurance company.

The investigator informed me that this company is using price gauging because they grossly over charged for the parts. They then replaced my tank – not my pump that I gave them permission to replace. The job should have been no more than 2500 at most. They charged over $4k. I’m a single mother currently not working and they are demanding $2100 over the fees covered by my insurance company.

This car is how I can go to work and pay my bills and they have also threatened to charge an additional $25 per day for the time since my car was left with their shop. I trusted these people. They now have my car so I can’t even try to get a job. With no transportation how will I get to interviews or training? This is so wrong. I can not believe that this happened to me.

My car payment is due but they have my car. I pray this doesn’t happen to anyone. The fuel tank cost $798 they charged $2k. Parts purchased from Auto Zone and not even the dealer. Please do not use this business for your repairs. The lord sees everything and he’s aware of your corruption. This business took advantage of me not knowing the basics of auto repair.

The insurance more than covers the cost to repair a vehicle with the issues my car had. They double/tripled pricing to far exceed that which was covered by the insurance. Now they are threatening to keep my car if I don’t pay an additional $2100. For a total repair cost of over $4k.  I tried contacting the owner and he hung up on me.

Found At: Hi Tech Auto of Orlan Review

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