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WARNING: My mom is out $750, but you don’t have to be. 

Upon becoming Power of Attorney for my elderly mom, I reviewed her  bank statements I noticed three odd withdrawals for a total of $31.42 – going to  HomeServe USA   601 Merrit 7, 6th Floor Norwalk, CT 06851 phone (866) 549-4877

I called their Customer Service phone number 1-855-336-2465 and spoke with Allen Bower employee ID #924683 in Florida. He explained that my mom was enrolled in 3 protection plans for water, sewer and gas lines for a total of $31. per month. I advised that my mother is almost 80 years old and doesn’t know anything about these plans or have any paperwork regarding enrolling in these plans. He advised that she was enrolled by outbound call representative Maythya Utsey on January 21, 2021, but there are oddly no notes regarding the enrollment conversation. He said where there should be notes, there was only an “X”.  I let him know that my mom has no need for such plans because her home and subdivision are only 19 years old and the chances of her water/sewer/gas lines failing in a lifetime were remote at best. I asked him to refund my mother’s money. He advised he would cancel the plans and would have to file an enrollment dispute request and that I should get a call from management within 48 hours.    Upon hanging up, I sent an email to their customer service department seeking to confirm the cancellations and that the dispute process had begun. I also looked up the company on the Better Business Bureau and found that they have had 731 complaints in only 3 years. The next day I spoke I got a call from Shawn Clark with the  Office of the President,  T: 423-680-5171 F: 305-503-9571    Shawn advised that he has requested the original phone call between the outbound representative and my mother and that it could take 48 hours for it to be retrieved and reviewed. He then proceeded to “sell” the benefit of their plans and explain that homes as young as my mom’s could still need this type of protection plan. I replied that the chances are so remote that it could not justify an 80 year old on a fixed income to incur the expenses. He began to “sell”  me that he knows many people with homes less 10-20-30 years old that have had failing sewer lines. I asked him what percentage of homes less than 20 years old will experience failing sewer lines? He could not provide an answer. Why not? Because it is the extreme exception, NOT the rule. He was obviously irritated and he kept telling me that I am not listening to him. Blah. Blah. Blah. We hang up and he calls me back in less than 5 minutes and explains that they have miraculously already FOUND the 2 year old call, REVIEWED the call and NOW claims that my mother called their office and enrolled in their plans and he would NOT refund her money. Amazingly, this is the exact opposite of what their customer service rep told me the day before when Allen Bower explained that my mother was called by  their outbound service representatives Maythya Utsey and enrolled in the plans.  When I requested to hear the call for myself,  Shawn said that is not possible. He stated that he would NOT let me hear the calls without a lawyer, court order and subpoena. His defensive demand for me to get a lawyer was all the evidence I needed to know that he was making the whole thing up.    With over 731 written complaints in 3 years, imagine how many people have been robbed and never made a complaint.   HomeServe USA also has many complaints on The RipOff

Found At: HomeServe USA Corp. Review

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