Keith “lamonte” Ful Review

I put about 60,000$ of my crypto in in Feb of 2021. I saw that BTC was going near 40 so i wanted to withdraw my funds around end of March. I requested that the Zort Admin aka Adam Iza return my funds to me, he agreed but he then disappeared, stopped returning my calls or texts.

At the time Adam Iza was present on Instagram, posting and flashing what money they had and the life he was living with his wife or girlfriend Iris Au. I slowly started putting the pieces of the puzzle together as something did not add up. Why all of a sudden was my withdrawal transaction from not processing? Did these people who I genuinely trusted actually scam me? $60,000 was my whole life savings, i know it probably is not anything to Adam and Iris but i worked very hard for this money, I went into deep depression and almost considered committing suicide.

I keep tabs periodically on them to see if anyone else is in the same situation as me, and I stumbled upon multiple lawsuits that have been filled against Adam Iza, Iris Au, and Zort Inc. FOR THE SAME EXACT THING THEY DID TO ME!!!

I cant even hire an attorney to go after them because I have no money left, they stole my whole life savings, and bought themselves birkins, jewelry, other designer items, fast cars , going on lavish vacations, all on mine and other people hard earned money. How are these criminals not in jail!!!!!!!!


Found At: Iris Au Review

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