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This comes as close to a scam as far as I can tell.  I am writing this report so that others do not get ripped off.  I inquired about a rental property through Zillow Rentals, filled out the information as was contacted by someone named “Jabir”.  Rental listing on Zillow shows for rent by owner “JB”.  I went to look at the rental and was only shown the outside because I was told that there was a tenant there soon to be moving out by some supposed leasing agent who must have also been part of this scam.  I completed the lease agreement and paid for the first month rent and a security deposit – the lease was month to month with the property to become available the next month.  After cashing my check, “Jabir” or whoever he says he said that the property had been rented to somebody else because he had gotten a lot of applications.  I demanded return of the deposit and the first month of rent which has never occurred.  The property remains listed for rent.   This listing is nothing but a scam. “Jabir” or whoever he says he is is nothing but a scam.   

Found At: Jabir Bekele Review

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