John Madsen Utah - Review

John Madsen from Utah is the CEO and Founder of Supra Human. John Madsen and Supra Human are a scam. If you research the history of John Madsen you will quickly learn that he has never been successful at anything related to business, except when he decided to start coaching people and putting on events and charging $10,000-$25,000 for them.

Despite failing at several businesses, he is a self proclaimed business expert. Despite failing from the NFL in less than 2 years, he hangs that raiders jersey every where he goes as if he is a legend. 

John Madsen literally woke up one day and said ” Its really hard to start and run a successful business, so instead of doing the work and earning the credibility I’ll just start telling people I am a professional life coach… that’s the business!

Step 1 = Hire a really smart asian guy who is terrible at marketing and doesn’t have ABs, but can help me build curriculum.

Step 2 = Act as if… Tell every one you are a mindset & neuro linguistics expert, so they will trust you.

Step 3 = Purchase fancy cars and fly private so people believe you are successful, despite never running a successful business. Perception is key, if people see it on the Gram they will believe it.

Step 4 = Use high pressure sales tactics to bully people into purchasing my programs.

If they don’t purchase don’t be afraid to call them out and tell them they are weak. Be a hard a*s… 

Why anyone would want to hire this man to speak or coach you is crazy to me. A washed out NFL player who doesn’t even qualify for league retirement, who has failed at every business he’s operated, Filed BK, and lies to consumers that he’s an expert in business.

John Maden and Supra Human is a Fraud!

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