Versace stoner aka vsw Review is online software that searches for candidate profiles online. This company did not let me try the product before I purchased a 12 month contract.

After launching the software, I found that Loxo representatives tell you that their search results are accurate but they are not. The product brings up old profiles and people who are totally irrelevant to what you’re looking for. 

I brought this up to several representatives of the company immediately after signing their contract and they had no advice or assistance to make things better. After contacting the CEO, he said the only reason he would deign to talk with me is because I complained online.

After using the product for six month, it’s clear that it’s a bad product and not worth a dime of your hard-earned money. I tried to cancel my contract prior to the renewal date and they will not let me out of it – out of spite.

Definitely do your research before engaging this fraudulent business.


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