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Currently, Luxehome.Shop uses the following methods to dishonestly increase its Google ranking and lead the public to believe that it is more trustworthy than it really is:

The manipulation of structured data within the HTML of its website makes it appear that they have thousands of positive customer reviews. To be exact, their business shows on some search results as having 10,199 votes, averaging 4.9 stars.

False Reviews: the business only has 23 actual reviews (not 10,199). Several of their 5-star reviews have been made by direct family members and friends. This can be cross-referenced by checking the ownership of the business and then using Facebook to cross-reference family and friends.

On the Contact Us page, the business shows a physical location at 2/23 Foster Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010, but in actual fact, they are an online-only business.

They claim on their search results to be a furniture manufacturer, but they are actually a drop-ship business, meaning they have no warehousing or manufacturing capability. Most of the furniture they sell comes from China

Found At: Review – Sydney, NSW

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