Versace stoner aka vsw Review

I have come to shoot on their range several times, only to have their range staff block my simple business transactions, not let me shoot and treat me rudely.  One time, the attendant behind the desk gave me back someone else’s driver’s license and then copped an attitude when I told him that he returned the wrong one.  

Another time, I went to zero a shotgun with slugs at 50 yards and explained my intent to the desk attendant, only to get on the range and not be allowed to shoot.  These are far from the only incidents, in addition to having their range Nazis constantly on your case and distracting you while trying to shoot and sales staff intimidating you for your personal information when you make a purchase.  

But Friday, I went to zero a rifle with match grade hollow points, showed them my firearm and ammo and they then demanded that I empty my magazines to ensure that I’m not using tracer rounds, talking down to and embarrassing me in front of the entire store.  I pushed back that I’m a veteran, know the difference and used to manage a gun store with a range and that they’re not touching my ammo.  

The attendant then rudely demanded to confiscate and unload my magazines, at which point I angrily demanded my license back.  I then berated him in front of the entire facility, that while they have the nicest range in San Antonio, people COME TO SHOOT, not deal with passive BS, endless run around and range Nazis up their rear end.  I then yelled at him that time is money and to RESPECT THAT.

I will NEVER do business with Mission Ridge again, after they have abused my time, brutally screwed me around and humiliated me in front of the entire store.  And I know that I’m far from the only person who they’ve mistreated.  I therefore encourage people who have had a similarly horrible experience with Mission Ridge to share their reviews as well to hold them accountable. 

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