I have seen several complaints where Netflix is doing the same thing below as mentioned in another complaint. It is happening to me as well. Had 2 and 3 payments a month stolen by… Had 2 and 3 payments a month stolen by NETFLIX over a year Large company so I though and expected would resolve in seconds refund and all be good SADLY NO NEFTLIX are so big and GREEDY they do not have any complaints procedure or wat of making a formal complaint. Instead to save them money they pass you off saying they can only refund max 6 payments if you want more or have other complaints you must go to your bank!!! Not only does this save netflix having to staff a complaints department that I am sure would be very busy. They also can hope large amount of people will give up and not bother claiming through the bank. leaving netflix to pocket the stolen money taken with out customers consent and not having to pay to staff a complaints procedure Very very dirty trick and more than likely why they are losing thousands of customers and have 51% negative 1* rating I am so angry at how much money I have given netlix for years and now I have a problem as they where taking 2 or 3 payments a month when we was not even watching netflix is simply shocking SO If you cancel with them check your bank as I have seen reports going back 3 and 4 years where they have been running this scam 0of taking 2 or 3 payments a month then refusing refunds in full As well as people cancel but NETFLIX keep all your personal details and card details for 10 months after you cancel, open an app or do anything they start billing again. Sop many dirty tricks to keep taking money then brick walls when it comes to complaints and rerfunds SHOCKED such large company can play such a dirty game and will never ever have anything to do with them and will up date this when I do get full refund if I have to go through police courts or what ever I will recover every penny and will make sure to make public what they are doing to help others see they are not alone in the NETFLIX SCAM operation TOOK 2 and 3 Payments amonth and refused to refund more than 6 payments no complanits procedure or way to recover all Los Gatos Netflix Corporate Headquarters 100 Winchester Circle

I will start legal action to recover ALL MONEY TAKEN WITHOUT MY CONSENT


14th Nov £15.99
31st Oct £9.43
17th Oct £15.99
3rd Oct 9.64
20th Sep £15.99
31st Aug £9.36
15th Aug £15.99
1st Aug £9.14
12th July £15.99
4th July £9.36
13th Jun £13.99
30th May £9.22
12th May £13.99
3rd May £9.20
12th Apr £13.99
30th Mar £9.26
4th Mar £13.99
31st Jan £9.10
4th Jan £13.99 and £9.03
6th Dec £13.99
6th Jan £13.99
4th Nov £ 13.99

I have spoken to my Band and card issue as well as called Visa, I will make a charge back, but In have wasted so much time on this I will also seek damages in small claims court

I have requested multiple times for details of NETFLIX formal complaint procedure, all 3 Netflix representatives I have been on live chat with have started. NETFLIX has NO complaint procedure

Neflix has NO contact details for making a complaint

If you are taking money for people cards and bank accounts, by UK law you must have a complaint procedure and way for a customer to claim back money taken without consent

I am shocked your openly refusing to give a complaint procedure and refuse to refund ALL MONEY taken with out consent, this is a breach of the law

So I will file complaints in the UK and USA with all government bodies that control customer finical laws, so this matter can be dealt with.

NEFLIX WAKE UP look at your feedback from customers? 2* reviews across the board in all countries, not having any kind of customer care or way for complaints to be handled is disgusting

You can not take money from my card for months then just say you will keep loads of the payments and you have no way to complain??????????????

Found At: NETFLIX Review

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