San Diego Churches Employ Noel Meza and Nicolas Echevestre at Greene & Roberts law firm are now defending the San Diego Diocese against dozens of child molestation lawsuits.

It has been reported the attorneys have now published the names of victims in the public record which is against the court’s order and against California law. The objective of putting a victim’s name into the public record is to dissuade that person from pursuing claims through embarrassment and shame.  These tactics are used to frustrate the plaintiff’s attorneys from pursuing cases.

However, such tactics appear to be consistent with the conduct of the attorneys Greene & Roberts hires. For example, a review of Noel Meza appears to have been arrested after hosting a party for minors in San Diego. One person was stabbed in that case. Being the first born in the United States, Noel was grateful for employment with a local law firm. A search of the Court of Appeal in San Diego shows he has never handled a single appellate case. Reports indicate San Diego attorney Noel Meza was in the last 5% of his class at the low tier law school he graduated from.

Found At: Noel Meza San Diego At Review

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