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Optima Tax charged me $8140 in December 2021 and did absolutely nothing until I was issued a levy letter in August 2022.  I received multiple letters over the time frame about representation being established with the IRS, progression of the case, taxes being prepared, etc. to be told by the Optima RO team those messages were system generated and nothing had been done on my case since full payment in December.

There was a rapid attempt to get involved at that point.  I moved forward with the IRS on my own so I would not lose everything I have.  I had to have another company file my taxes etc.  I requested a refund and was told I was entitled $1100.  They also misrepresented the company to the BBB when I filed a complaint and stated they reached out to me for resolution after the initial insult of refund. 

Hind sight is perfect, I have been told by the IRS and other tax companies that this is common practice for Optima.  I want my money they did nothing for refunded.

Found At: Optima Tax Review – Fairburn, GA

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