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Dear Jackie

I have tried numerous ways (FB messenger, FB comments, Email, Whatsapp, phone calls and YouTube comments) to make contact with you, in fact this is my 9th attempt in making contact with you in trying to obtain proof and an apology from you.

You have acted extremely unprofessional by spreading lies about my wife Samm Ferreira to your FB followers by telling them she has 2x lawsuits against her (see attachment) without presenting a single ounce of proof.

You are busy with cyber harassment, character assassination, slandering and defamation of character through spreading such lies. I have asked you to please provide us with proof of these lies as you and your employee Jellen has made it known clearly that there is proof. 

I have also given you an opportunity to apologies for the lies you have spread but to date no apologies have been made and no proof has been received. I must wonder if all your lies have now caught up with you and that’s the reason for your silence, or if it might just be a personal vendetta against any service providers who don’t associate with your organization. 

Reading other complaints I must wonder if there is any other reasons behind your irational behavior by attacking another service provider who’s not affiliated to your business…….it make a person think, doesnt it?

It is easy to make statements/ comments and tell lies, but not so easy to back your lies up with proof. You do however have proof of statements from your own clients who have made use of my wife’s services and are exceptional happy with the rentals they have obtained through her. In fact she has helped a lot of YOUR clients and yet no mention of this anywhere in your group, bit one sided don’t you think? (See attachments).

My wife has on numerous occasions invited you for coffee to discuss any issues you might have with her. To date no response from your side. Are you above this? Do you carry your clients’ best interests at heart by not meeting with her?

Do you think by ignoring my messages and blocking my efforts in obtaining an apology will deter me? If so then you are in for a rude awakening.

So to recap:

1. Please provide proof (Not your opinion, not hearsay statements/ comments but actual factual proof).

2. Please apologize.

3. Please make contact with my wife (you have her contact details) to discuss any issues you might have.

Find attach proof of efforts being made to obtain factual proof and an apology from Panama Relocation Tours/ Jackie Lange/ PRT.

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