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Sam pal is very messy with the car business! My family wanted to buy a new car and Sam the manager walked in front of the young nice man trying to sell us a car with a huge attitude asking if we wanted to really purchase the vehicle my daughter was interested in getting for college. Sam started with this conversation how he used to work in folsom California as a manager for many years and constantly flirting with my 17 year old daughter who just had a birthday. His conversations started off speaking about the price of the car and later after I had a very important work call because I am a nurse and was on call – I had to step outside for 10 minutes to handle things with my job. After walking back in approaching my daughter I saw that she was in tears as if something was wrong. She told me that the manager was asking her very uncomfortable questions about dating boys and if she had a boyfriend and stating that she was a young attractive girl. This was very uncomfortable to hear coming from a sales manager who runs a dealership! We did make a report with Elk Grove police department about this behavior coming from a manager who is flirting with a minor. We had decided to buy a car next door at the Toyota dealership. Please be very aware of this man Sam pal who is a pervert scam artist in the car business. Jeff his partner who tried to scam us with the MSRP on the window of the car. We had searched the internet and saw that it was a lower price listed. Jeff also boasted how he is a manager and had experience from Future Ford and just became a sales consultant and happy to help my daughter. It was a very uncomfortable experience dealing with his personality and his managers flirting behavior. These two man should not be in the car business or in charge! Karma

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