Mcaffe Review - San Jose, CA

I had the car towed there to be looked at. Got a call the car wasnt worth fixing. Said 2 grand at least. Said there were wires cut and things missing. Sid a burnt wire some where. I thought they had looked at it from the comments they made. Asked if the could call chevy as there are 100’s of cars doing the same thing. That was a big no. Thought what harm woud it do maybe they were aware of the problem. Drove it home. With trans hard shfiting up and down.  Open the hood looked at the trans harnesses was loose push the plug in trans shifts just fine all other problems seem fime now. Never got answer back when i emailed them not a peep like we dont care leveae us alone. Guess when it comes to them if its not a big money car the dont want you 

Found At: Sid Dillion Chevy Review

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