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On July 22, 2022, I had a reservation for a 2-day car rental with SiXT at the Mannheim, Germany Central train station (see attached reservation # 9700197200). When I arrived at the train station, I found the Sixt office locked and closed. I called their toll-free number and was connected with an agent.

After speaking with the agent and inquiring about my rental I was told that the office was closed and that no cars were available. I asked the obvious question; “why was I not notified?” Since the original reservation was made on May 7, 2022, they certainly had plenty of time to do so.

The agent had no answer. When I asked her how I could get a car she suggested that I call the other SiXT location in Mannheim. She then suggested that I take a taxi to the other location. After a long time on hold she told me that they did not have any cars at the other location either. I asked her to speak to her supervisor.

After another long time on hold I was told that no supervisors were available, and I should just take a taxi to my destination (which by the way was 150 km from Mannheim) or just rent from another car company. I after calling several car rental companies I was able to get a rental with AVIS at a location on the other side of Mannheim.

After two weeks of emails with SiXT I was told that they tried to contact me prior to my arrival, but I can find no evidence in either my email, voicemail or SMS. In addition, they are now telling me that the rental was prepaid and since I was a “no show” there is no refund.

Clearly I was not a no show. I am seeking full refund of my prepaid reservation of $320.98, the difference between my SiXT and AVIS rental $97, and reimbursement for my taxi ride to AVIS $20.

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