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I posted season LSU tickets and a parking pass for the NM LSU game.  They sold without a problem.  Fast forward and I did the same process for LSU/Alabama game.  We sold pdf of parking pass which I uploaded.  The purchaser was a “high volume” resaler and I was called to ask if I would send the actual parking pass.  I said I would try to do that.  I called them back within the hour and said I was having trouble locating the actual book with the tickets and pass.  They told me the pdf couldn’t be used and I told them to check New Mexico game I had sold 30 days prior and they verified there was no problem.  I told them I had listed it as a pdf and not in hand.  They changed my listing to in hand and canceled the sale and won’t relist now that I couldn’t UPS the actual parking pass.  OK, deep breath – that is $200 down the drain.  I go to check the tickets that are listed with barcodes and they have listed those as in hand and the sale is “pending” and not active.  I’m uncertain as to why doing this exactly the same way as the last tickets sold is now causing about $1,000 to go down the drain.  And, unfortunately, due to a move this week, I am unable to find the actual tickets now and am totally out of luck according to stubhub.  They changed my listing and are saying I can’t sell these items the way I was able to 30 days ago.  It has been quite frustrating. We won’t use them again to sell tickets or parking passes for the games.  

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