Lawngevity Review

 I ordered several items from Amazon using the Synchrony Amazon Store Card, Visa MasterCard, and Discover Card. Some of the items were returned and I was given full credit for and others paid for. During the transaction stage other items were ordered using the Visa and Discover Cards.

The reason for not using the Amazon Store Card was because of Amazon and Synchrony Bank being unable to accurately account for ALL items welther being returned or fully paid for. This has been an ongoing issue because they refuse to communicate with each other for clarification of any monies due or accountability of returned items.

A three way phone call to discuss the issue was refused. I received an invoice that did not reflect the correct amount and made a payment of $62.00 and copied and pasted ALL the items invoices and sent them to Amazon.

Also, I discussed the matter with customer service and requested they send me a correct invoice. I was never provided the invoice but continued to ongoing almost daily harassing phone calls to contact Synchrony  Bank for a payment. They refuse to send an invoice. 

Found At: Synchrony Bank Review – Draper , UT

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