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Tacuri Home Modification LLC. Is an unreliable construction company.  The principal, Jaime Tacuri, promises and underperforms.  I hired Tacuri to do a complete renovation of my bathroom in my one bedroom and do some work in other parts of my apartment. I went on vacation for two weeks while the construction was taking place so I did not see the renovation. 

However, there a leak which resulted in the laminate flooring outside the bathroom to warp.  The warping did not show up immediately but after a few weeks it was clear that the flooring was warped beyond repair.  Jaime denied his construction had anything to do with it. There were also other areas in my apartment where the laminates were scratched and damaged and of course it wasn’t Jaime’s fault. 

There was also a dent on my refrigerator which I know they created but I had no proof it took place while I was gone.  I had to replace my floors since the damage he caused was extensive.  I spent thousands of dollars to hire a floor installation company to replace the floors in my apartment.

To make matters worse, Jaime Tacuri made unwanted sexual overtures towards me. I let his misbehavior slide since I was all set to go on vacation and just wanted my bathroom fully renovated.  In retrospect, I should have cancelled the contract and demand my deposit back.

I just wanted him to complete the contracted work and leave. Unfortunately, his work product started to show how he skimped on materials and did the cheapest and easiest way of covering up what needed to be replaced. I contacted him to fix his poor work product but he refused to make the clearly necessary repairs! 

He painted over metal molding and the paint quidkly started coming off; and he used the wrong material to fill a large gap which started peeling and seriously cracking.  Now that he got paid, he is too busy to fix issues he caused.  I would have let the damage to my apartment, his arguing with me over using bathroom fixtures of his choice and not mine, and his misbehavior slide but the final straw was his refusal to fix his poor construction work. 

It is now only 4 months since he completed my bathroom and I must hire someone else to fix his shoddy work product. I also overpaid for his work (by at least 25%) and am getting less than what is required to renovate my apartment.

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