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I was a candidate looking for work during and after leaving my previous employer RTI International.  I noticed strange things occurring when applying for work at new employers.  Things such as information mentioned during interviews were being repeated by management.  The opposite also occurred with some interview panel mentioning things that were talked about while on the job.  I didn’t understand what was going on until sometime later.  What my previous employer had done in my strong opinion was weaponize TEKsystems against me by tracking my applications for work with new companies.  What they were doing was using resumes that I had given them to match with resumes that I used to apply for work on certain company websites.  Whenever one applys for a job on a majority of company websites.  You can upload a resume for a position(s) with that company.  A resume is then parsed by an applicant tracking system (ATS).  An applicant tracking system (ATS) is nothing more than software that can be used in many ways.  As I mentioned it can be used to parse resumes, setup assessment test, send out job offers or rejections.  Most importantly it can be used to track a candidate from initial call, to first interview, second interview to finally offer.  All that was mentioned previously can be done by using unique information within a candidates resume such as phone number, email address or your physical address.  So essentially a company can use this as a means to blacklist a previous or current employee.  This is what happened to me, so be advised of this maybe new tactic that many employers maybe using in this post covid economy.

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