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I was referred to this merry band of criminals by a broker in the USA who was friends with a friend of a friend. 

He mentioned The Hanson Group of Companies who were based in Spain, U.K. and Panama and would be able to help fund a mining project that I had in South America. 

I was put in contact with the group. Immeidately Stefano reached out to me. I requested his full name so that I could do a quick background search on him. He stated for my security (yeah right) he couldn’t give me the details!

He assured me that they could fund my project with no money upfront. I was skeptical but because they didn’t ask for anything upfront I thought it was alright. 

Three weeks later I was contacted by a lawer and banker, and another group They stated they were ready to issue the Standby Letter of Credit that I needed to secure funding for my project, but that I had to place $500,000 in escrow. Being the idiot that I am, I did so. 

The “attorney” turned out to be fake. The Hanson Group of Companies stole the money and never answer emails (of course). I contacted Spain authorities and they told me they are well aware of this operation and are working to arrest the members of the group. They also told me that these websites are all connected and run by the same people; 

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Dont lose your money to these rip off con artist. You have all been warned. 

Found At: The Hanson Group of Review

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